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Miele washing machines for saleBuilt for an average 15 years of quiet reliable life, Miele have never compromised on the build of their washing machines.

We base our opinion on more than 50 years as Miele service agents.

Horders offer competitive prices across the whole range of Miele washing machines and tumble dryers and we include delivery, installation and disposal of your old machine in our retail prices.

We know that inside Miele machines the engineering and build quality is as good as they say and as service agents experience very few problems. That is one of the reasons Miele are confident about offering long guarantees with up to ten years on some components in their washing machines.

When you buy a Miele Washing Machine from Horders, you get all of the experience we have gained through our years selling and servicing Miele products; we deliver and install and make sure the washing machine is set up before running through the machine's operation with you.

Our Miele trained engineers are also on call to support you with after sales service, should it be required either in or out of warranty.

You'll get a great deal on all our Miele products. We check our prices regularly, both with local stores and on the internet and we are confident that you will not find a better deal; put us to the test!

Our showroom has much of the Miele range on display; and our Miele trained sales staff will be happy to take you through the features of each machine and the many benefits they bring.

Remember; our prices are very competitive and will normally include delivery, connection and disposal of your old machine; but we welcome comparisons and are always keen to do a deal to suit you.

Call us free on 0800 318 419 or call in to our showroom, Customer parking at rear.